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Medical marijuana (often referred to as medicinal cannabis) is an herbal therapy/remedy that is doctor prescribed.  The purpose of medical marijuana is to naturally introduce THC and other cannabinoids to the bloodstream through smoke inhalation. Medicinal marijuana comes from the cannabis plant.  Medical applications for marijuana have been known and utilized for over 5,000 years. 

Minnesota Medical Marijuana  Med Marijuana MN
While marijuana is not legal to buy or use recreationally in most places, medical usage and sales has been legalized many places around the world. Within the U.S. federal laws prohibit most cannabis use and sale, however the opportunity to buy medical marijuana in 2014 can be found in some states. Take advantage of this website to learn how medical marijuana can be sold or used in Minnesota.

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Proponents for legalizing medicinal cannabis for the chronically and terminally ill have temporarily subdued their legislation advocacy campaign for the time being due to Governor  Pawlenty's veto.  Back in 2009, both chambers at the Capital passed medical marijuana legislation though bipartisan support - only to have our governor Pawlenty put the ax to medical marijuana in Minnesota. Medical marijuana advocates have eluded to a potential constitutional amendment during the current session to bypass the obstinance of the governor, but that plan will not...
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